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Meter / Chromatograph / RTU Buildings

Professional Engineer Stamp

Our mission is to offer flexibility in design while maintaining the structural integrity to withstand excessive snow loads or Gulf Coast hurricane-force winds in excess of 150 miles per hour. Star Measurement meter building design has been certified and stamped by a Professional Engineer. The engineering documents are available upon request.

Whether your needs are a simple shed with one wall, a climate-controlled chromatograph building, or a RTU meter building, we can create a customized system to fit your in-the-field application. These can be designed within your layout or provided as a stand-alone component apart from the skid.

Our hands-on approach to everything we do means that every meter skid that leaves our site is built from the ground up to your needs and specifications. We know that your demands can vary and that's why we are never stuck to one format. That kind of flexibility only enhances a quality skid.

Contact us for more information on our customized meter buildings.