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A family tradition of quality.

Danny Guilliot began Star Measurement in 1990 to supply the petrochemical industry with quality gas and liquid measurement equipment. He knew that, with careful attention to even the most minute of details, he could design and produce metering systems that would have customers returning to him again and again. "I knew that we didn't need to be the largest," Guilliot explains. "We just needed to be the best."

That philosophy has served our company well, as the next generation of quality control leaders are already in place. Daniel Guilliot, Quality Control Supervisor in the Mechanical Division, and Matt Broussard, Quality Control Supervisor in the Instrumentation and Engineering Division, have already proven themselves with 24/7 focus on attention to detail.

A higher standard.

The team at Star Measurement designs and fabricates turnkey packages for measuring the flow of both crude oil and natural gas – but with a heightened awareness for meeting or exceeding all API/AGA specifications. From the smallest system to a multi-run custody transfer unit, every aspect of every component goes through rigorous testing.

At Star, we have intentionally kept our staff lean so that everyone remains very "hands-on" and personally involved with the work. This benefits customers because our leadership knows every inch of every system before it ever leaves our facility. That cooperation and knowledge isn’t possible without an incredible team of people working together.

Star is a design and measurement company that provides fabrication services. We're not a fabrication company that happens to provide measurement. Our customers appreciate the difference.

Star has developed a few proprietary methods and procedures along the way that have helped us remain valuable partners to those we serve. These customers have learned that we do it right the first time so that service in the field is rarely needed. Because when we say "precision at every point," we mean it.